Executive in Residence

An executive-in-residence is a distinguished senior executive invited to share his or her expertise with the Institute on a project of national significance. The executive is available to Institute staff, key stakeholders and other interested leaders to help support programs and initiatives and serve as project adviser, convener and lecturer for the Institute. This generous contribution of time and wisdom allows the Institute to expand offerings and improve the quality of service to the e-health community.

The Institute for e-Health Policy's Executive-in-Residence program is truly unique in that it brings a practitioner's perspective to the educational and research experience. Not only are key stakeholders exposed to cutting edge business theory, but they are also updated by seasoned executives who have put that theory into practice as senior managers in major health IT corporations.

For more information about the Executive-in-Residence program, please contact HIMSS Vice President for Government Relations, Tom Leary, at tleary@himss.org or 703-562-8814.