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Public Policy Internship Programs
Washington, D.C.

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The Institute for e-Health Policy internship program provides leadership and professional development experiences for college students and post baccalaureate students interested in healthcare and public policy. Working on a flexible basis, the Washington internship offers unique opportunities to gain valuable work experience and knowledge of Congress and federal and state governments. This internship program is ideal for persons interested in a career in healthcare or healthcare policy or other related fields. It provides a fast-paced, real life, highly valued program that not only provides immediate value to the individual, but has the goal of fostering America’s future healthcare leaders, who will go on to work in healthcare positions throughout the nation. The Institute is part of the HIMSS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization with charitable, scientific and educational goals.

Student Opportunities

The internship program requires students to work flexible work hours during the school year (at least 12-16 hours per week) for 12-14 weeks on projects for the Institute. Summer internships are usually 35 hours per week and involve more extensive projects. Outstanding interns may be invited to serve for two semesters.


A limited number of stipends are available to students selected for the Institute’s student program. In addition, transportation to assignments may be reimbursable. Unpaid student placements for credit may be negotiated as student and staff interests indicate.

Internship Expectations

The Institute is pleased to offer a number of internships in keeping with our educational mission to provide unique opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the fields of e-health policy research and education. Enthusiastic students from all fields of study are encouraged to apply. You will work hard, learn much, and directly contribute to the Institute’s effectiveness on its state and federal priorities. Washington interns play an integral role in helping advance the Institute’s research and educational priorities. Working with the Institute staff, an intern could expect to conduct vital research on legislation and federal and state agency matters; write on a variety of subjects for high-level audiences; assist with events on Capitol Hill; communicate with legislators, agency liaisons, and constituents; attend committee hearings; serve as an additional voice with Congressional staff; and undertake special projects to advance the Institute’s interests at the federal and state level. Specific duties will vary depending on needs and intern qualifications.

Intern Research Projects

Cohn-HIE Models Successes and the Future of HIEs

FINAL Rural Telehealth Paper Gabe (v-2)

HIMSS Research Paper

SushenFinal Paper

A Glimpse at EHR Implementation Around the World: The Lessons the US Can Learn
Christine P. Stone, The Health Institute for E-Health Policy, May 2014

Possible Solutions to the Harmonization of Federal and State
Privacy Laws for Health Information Exchanges

Katie Potorac, Institute for e-Health Policy, May 19, 2014

Federal Budget and Pay-As-You-Go Rules ("PAYGO") - August 22, 2012
Fact Sheet

How to Apply

Applications are accepted year round for placement cycles listed below until positions are filled. E-mail application package to by the deadlines listed, including:


The Institute for e-Health Policy is located just outside of Washington, D.C., at 4300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 250, in Arlington, Virginia. It is Metro accessible on the Orange and Silver Lines and also has reasonable parking nearby.

Contact Information

All applications and questions related to Internships and other student experiences should be sent to:

Kathie Westpheling, MPH
Manager, Internships and Student Experiences
Phone: (703)562-8811 ; mobile 703-220-9591

Questions related to the Institute for e-Health Policy should sent to David Gray, Manager, Congressional Affairs at, 703-562-8817.

Placement Cycles

Spring semester: January to May (November 15th application deadline) 
Summer Semester: June to August (February 15th application deadline) 
Fall Semester: September to December (June 1st application deadline)


Candidates must meet all of the following criteria:

Limited Externship Opportunities

Externship and post-baccalaureate opportunities are also available. It is focused more on career exploration than on policy skills development.  Each application will be analyzed on an individual basis to ensure it offers the best possible opportunity for a mutually beneficial experience. University of California, Berkeley Externs are usually hosted for two weeks in January for career exploration.

NOTE: Externships and post-baccalaureate experiences require advance communication, coordination, and approval of a work plan. Externships require a minimum two-week commitment. Post-baccalaureate experiences are more rigorous, with greater expectations for meaningful contributions.

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